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Alice Ann Bailey "Esoteric Astrology" Page 446 Editions Lucis Trust

Masonry - inadequate and corrupt as it has been and guilty of over-emphasizing certain forms of symbols - is nevertheless a germ or seed of future hierarchical effort when that effort is - at some later date - externalized on Earth. Masonry is governed by the 7° ray, and when certain important changes have been made and the spirit of Masonry is grasped instead of the letter, then we shall see a new form of hierarchical endeavor appear to aid in the restoration of the ancient and sacred Mysteries among men.

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Alice Bailey - Esoteric Psychology I - Page 368 - - Editions Lucis Trust

Under this 7° ray influence the Masonic Fraternity will come into a new and pronounced spiritual activity and begin to approximate its true function and to fulfil its long-seen destiny. One point it might be of interest here to note. During the period of the activity of the 6° ray the Fraternity fell into a crystallized and sectarian attitude, along with the many other grouped circles. It fell also into the snare of materialism, and the outer form has for centuries been of more importance in the eyes of Masons than the inner spiritual meaning. The symbols and the system of allegories have been emphasized, whilst that which they were intended to convey and to reveal to the initiated has been quite forgotten.

Also, the trend of the attention of a lodge of Masons, and the main emphasis, has been potently placed on the function and place of the W. Master, and not upon the inner significance of the work upon the floor of the Temple. The lodge has not been regarded as an integrated functioning entity. This must and will be changed, and the potency and the effectiveness of the lodge work and ceremonial will be demonstrated.

It will be seen that in the regularity of the rituals and the sanctified formality of the ordained ceremonials lies the true meaning of the work and the use of the Word. The coming era of group work and power and of organized synthetic ritualistic activity will profoundly affect Masonry, as the importance of a central dominating figure passes out with the sixth ray influence and the true spiritual work and function of the lodge itself is understood.

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The books written by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul. A treasure of esoteric wisdom


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Alice Bailey "The Rays and the Initiations" Page 533

The Masonic Work is an ancient and laudable attempt to preserve in some germinal form the spiritual truth anent initiation.

In spite of distortion, some loss of the Ancient Landmarks and a deplorable crystallization, the truth is there and at a later date -- in the early part of the next century -- a group of enlightened FreeMasons will rearrange the rituals and adapt the present forms and formulas in such a manner that the spiritual possibilities, symbolically indicated, will emerge with greater clarity and a deepened spiritual potency;

the coming form of Masonry in the New Age will necessarily rest upon the foundation of a newly interpreted and enlightened Christianity, having no relation to theology and being universal in nature.

Alice Bailey. Le sentier du disciple ** Description d'un disciple. Alice Bailey